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How to Fall In Love with Yourself

Self-love has been getting a bad rap lately. Some suggest that self-love equates to self-indulgence, pedicures, and $100 yoga tights. It is none of these things. On this wonderful Valentine’s Day, we will explore why it is the most important kind of love you can have and how to cultivate it. Love yourself first in […]

Sparking Joy on Your Plate

Most of us have seen “Tidying Up.” Many of us have been Tidying up! And why not? Who doesn’t love the idea of sparking joy? All across the country we’re working on sparking joy in everything from our relationships to our careers to our underwear drawers. This notion has got the foodies at Blossom Water […]

Take a Deep Breath to Manage Stress

Take a deep breath. Now take another. Let your chest expand up, let your ribs expand out to the sides. Take another deep breath. You feel better, right? Simple. Even with just two or three deep breaths, your body is more calm, more energized. Breathing is great, isn’t it? At Blossom Water, we are always […]

The Healing Power of Touch

Stuck at home in bed recently with the flu that has been going around New England, I spent some time with Old England binge-watching The Crown and thinking about the healing power of touch. Sure, I dozed off a few times, dreaming of corgis and horseback riding, but I mostly stayed awake and paid attention. […]

9 Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

Staying fit during the holidays often takes a back seat to simply getting through the holidays. But staying fit will help you get through. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! You’ve heard the expression “eat and run”? During the holidays, we often forget to run, unless we are running out of batteries, […]

You Should Be Dancing. Yeah.

Are you like most New Englanders wallowing in the too-early darkness of Daylight Savings? Do you just want to crawl under a rock or pull the bed covers up over your head? Don’t do it. Instead of hibernating, you should be dancing. Yeah. Time Magazine calls dancing the best thing you can do for your […]

Manage Stress during the Holidays: Hydrate!

Who’s ready to learn how to manage stress during the holidays? Me. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone either. When I got home on Sunday after Thanksgiving, I breathed a sigh of relief…for about two minutes until Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Giving Tuesday, and Hanukkah ganged up and took away all the breathing room. […]