The Very Best Drink of the Day

If you are still at your desk, you might be thinking right about now that the best drink of the day is that martini you’ll sip at after work (or maybe you are looking forward to Miller Time or Wine O’Clock). If you are just waking and groggy, you might think that coffee is the best drink of the day. How many of us need coffee in order to become even the slightest bit verbal in the mornings?

But the very best drink of the day is your first glass of water in the morning.

Think about it. If you’re lucky, you just slept 6-8 hours. Imagine going that long without a drink of water during the day while you’re awake! You’d be parched and grumpy. When you wake each morning, after that long drought, your body is dehydrated. It is physiologically screaming to be quenched.

Coffee, though delightful, aromatic, rich, invigorating, flavorful, and delicious as it is, is a diuretic. And though coffee is not as dehydrating as we once thought, it does not have the benefits of water first thing in the morning.

Ayurveda, the world’s oldest medicinal practice, recommends starting your day with water for the following reasons:

  • it boosts your metabolism
  • it hydrates you
  • water helps your body flush out toxins
  • it gives your brain fuel
  • it promotes regular, healthy digestion and elimination

So drink up early, right when you rise. It will be your best drink of the day.