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Four Ways to Get Healthy this Spring - and stay that way all year!

April 19, 2017
Get healthy this spring. Go ahead! It's simple. It's not entirely…
Girl Sadness Dark

Brain Food: Your Food and Your Mood

April 11, 2017
Most of us are well aware that what we eat has an impact on how…

Brain Food: Your Brain and Nutrition

April 4, 2017
As we move into April, spring cleaning is on everyone's mind.…

Childhood Obesity and Learning to Love your Body

March 23, 2017
Learning to love your body is no easy task in our overly fat-conscious…

Childhood Obesity and Fat-Shaming

March 16, 2017
This is the second article in our series on childhood obesity.…
Winter Service Room Service Snow Winter Snow Shovel

Snow Shoveling, Your Back, and Winter Storm Stella, 2017

March 15, 2017
This blog post is an ode to Winter Storm Stella, 2017. Stella…

Childhood Obesity and Helping Your Kids Kick the Sugar Habit

March 7, 2017
This is the first post in our spring series on childhood obesity…
Sleep Sheets Bed Sex Feet Erotism In Love Toes

Solo Sleep and Long-Term Relationships

February 28, 2017
Before we leave our month-long relationship focus, we will take…

Cooking and Long-term Relationships: Feeding the Love

February 20, 2017
At Blossom Water, we love love (and of course flowers, they seem…

10 Tips for Making Love Last

February 16, 2017
On our blog this month, we are trying to make the love last—not…

Valentine's Day: Getting in the Mood

February 10, 2017
It's Valentine's Day and many of us, if not most, are thinking…

Valentine's Day: Scents and Sensuality

February 3, 2017
Just in time for Valentines' Day, we are going to explore the…

Picky Eaters (and their Moms) Choose Blossom Water

January 28, 2017
Kids love Blossom Water, a fan letter we got last week from a…

Minimalism and Hygge and Albert Einstein

January 20, 2017
Once you wade through all the Obama videos and Trump Tweets on…

Vegan or Paleo? How to Keep Your Resolve, Meet Your Fitness Goals

January 13, 2017
Paleo or Vegan? Vegan or Paleo? To keep my New Year's resolutions…

Getting Hygge with Floral Essences

January 6, 2017
Hygge was voted one of the top ten words of 2016 by the Collins…

The Secret to Finding the Right Exercise for your Body Type

December 30, 2016
The right exercise will make your new year happier. It’s true.…

Making New Year's Resolutions that Really Stick

December 23, 2016
Each year right around Hanukkah and Christmas, the airwaves are…

For the Holidays: Tasty Tipples with Flower Essences

December 16, 2016
It is hard to deny that some of the jovial holiday spirit is…

Holiday Shopping Tips to Keep You from Turning into a Grinch

December 8, 2016
This week we are looking into some holiday shopping tips that…
gingerbread cookies

10 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Routine During the Holidays

December 1, 2016
What is your plan for your fitness routine during the holidays?…

Finding your Post-election Thanksgiving Table Manners – Is a Seating Chart the Answer?

November 23, 2016
Our founding fathers must have been hitting the hard cider a…

Exercise, the Brain, and Creativity

November 17, 2016
The benefits of physical exercise are extremely well documented.…

Republican or Democrat - we still have the same tastes in great food, or do we?

November 11, 2016
Whether you are Republican or Democrat, all of us feel pretty…
Blossom Water - Penelope's Summer Dress

Complaining can be good for you: Penelope explores the upside of complaining

November 2, 2016
The national dialogue lately just feels like complaining. From…

Halloween Masks Unveiled

October 28, 2016
We love Halloween masks. And why not? Who wouldn’t want to…

Are Selfies the Key to Happiness?

October 20, 2016
Periodically, we like to check in on happiness - what it is,…

Learn to Meet Fitness Goals with Non-Attachment

October 14, 2016
We hear a lot these days about non-attachment. Therapists, Buddhists,…

The Weather Impacts Mood: Hurricanes and Barometric Pressure

October 6, 2016
Weather impacts your mood. It's true. Ever heard of a sunny disposition…

How to Stay in the Pink of Health as the Season Changes

September 30, 2016
Ah, the pink of health. We love that rosy glow and yet most of…

Twelve Tips to Help You Develop Good Study Habits

September 23, 2016
If you are anything like our adorable mascot, Penelope the Pink…

Back to School Time Management Tips from Penelope

September 15, 2016
Time management is a biggie especially when you're adjusting…

The Much Maligned Mason Jar

September 8, 2016
A recent foodie fad had us put everything into Mason jars. But…

Your Body, Sleep, and Happiness, Part II

September 2, 2016
Sleep and happiness are closely related. It's not exactly that…
Blossom Water - Penelope's Summer Dress

Penelope's Secret to Happiness

August 25, 2016
The secret to happiness for many of us these days is simply staying…

Penelope's Fitness Quick Fix

August 17, 2016
If you missed the boat on bikini season this year, don't worry,…
Blossom Water _Penlope_ watches_olympics

The Olympic Spirit Inspires Penelope to Greatness

August 11, 2016
We are glued to the edges of our seats with our faces pressed…
Blossom Water - Penelope Amongst Azaleas

Meet Blossom Water's New Mascot: Penelope the Pink Moose

August 5, 2016
We love symbols and mascots. As a nation of movers and shakers,…

Your Body, Sleep, and Happiness, Part I

July 7, 2016
Sleep and Happiness are closely related, especially when it comes…

Your Body and Dehydration: Drink Up! (Part 2)

June 23, 2016
Earlier this month we looked at dehydration and the brain (read…
glass of water

Headaches and Hydration: Drink Up! (Part 1)

June 14, 2016
Hangovers, loud noises, bad smells, hunger, thirst, smoke, stress,…
Memorial Day

Memorial Day: We Remember

May 27, 2016
Memorial Day is such a conflicted holiday. We celebrate with…

Cutting down on Sugar: 5 Ways to make Your Summer Sweeter

May 17, 2016
Of course an ice cream cone and a cold class of lemonade are…

How to Get a Bikini Body and Love Yourself

April 29, 2016
Have you seen the meme about how to get a bikini body? It goes…

Mindfulness Moves Mainstream - Four Steps You Can Take

April 15, 2016
You cannot open a magazine or your browser these days without…

Spring Boating: Make it a Picnic!

March 30, 2016
At Blossom Water, we love Spring! We love the outdoors, we love…

Saint Patrick's Day Q&A

March 11, 2016
We probably won't create a green Blossom Water blend for Saint…

Getting Unstuck: Four Ways to Get Out of a Rut

February 17, 2016
Valentine's Day is behind us but Spring is still nowhere in sight.…

Why Flowers on Valentine's Day

February 8, 2016
The Groundhog made his proclamation. Spring is coming early this…

Say Ahh! The ugly Truth about Sugar and Tooth Decay

January 28, 2016
Despite the link between sugar consumption and tooth decay, drummed…

Winter Food Cravings

January 14, 2016
The confluence of New Year’s Resolutions and winter food cravings…

Charity and the Human Brain: Happy Holidays!

December 23, 2015
The holidays are definitely all about giving. Every year in the…

Why New Year's Resolutions Fail and How to Improve Your Odds

December 11, 2015
We know it's only mid-December, but this is a great time to get…

Thanksgiving Etiquette . Two Words: Be Have

November 23, 2015
It's Thanksgiving. We know we should be on our best behavior,…
hoilday lights

Holiday Creep, Christmas Creep

November 13, 2015
For the fanatically prepared, Halloween starts in August and…

Top Tips for Beating Winter Weight Gain and Keeping Fit as the Seasons Change

October 28, 2015
Hibernation is not just for bears. Or is it?! Anyone who has…

New England is on fire: Autumn Leaves

October 14, 2015
New England is one fire this week. Not like the fires we saw…

Super Moon, Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse...There's a Bad Moon on the Rise

September 24, 2015
There will be a lunar eclipse later this week. This eclipse will…

Keeping your Awesome Going Strong All Autumn Long

September 14, 2015
New Englanders are starting to feel it. It is getting cooler,…

Reduce Stress and Hang on to Summer

August 27, 2015
Hang on! August may just be the cruelest month. It is the end…

Celebrating the Summer Harvest and Too many Zucchini

August 15, 2015
It is the peak of summer. For gardeners and those of us who had…

How to Beat the Heat in New England

July 30, 2015
New England is hot! And you don't have to read the headlines…

Water Dreams and Dehydration in Your Sleep

July 15, 2015
Many of us regularly dream of water. In literature and in dream…
blossom water_sunshine

Ode to the sun

June 30, 2015
"The day of the sun is like the day of a king. It is a promenade…

Can delayed gratification increase happiness?

June 19, 2015
Anyone that lives in the Northeast knows what it feels like to…

Exploring the Links Between Happiness, Mindfulness, and Flavor

April 29, 2015
We all know that great flavors can make us feel good. Many of…

Blossom Water and the History of the Sandwich

April 10, 2015
Blossom Water is now available in New York City! And it is making…

Happiness Apps for your SmartPhone: You can't buy happiness, but there is an app for that!

March 30, 2015
Happiness is all the rage. Everyone from Oprah to Pharell Williams…

Let's Take a Look at the New Dietary Standards

March 12, 2015
Last month, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services…

What You Need to Know Before You Shovel Snow and more snow

February 22, 2015
We love snow. We love skiing, sledding, ice skating, snuggling…

Valentine's Day: The Language of Flowers

February 11, 2015
It's Valentine's Day! This weekend, many of us will say "I love…

Cabin Fever and The Positive Psychology of Flowers

January 28, 2015
Cabin fever is the idiomatic term for the claustrophobic stir-craziness…

Are you Keeping or Breaking your New Year's Resolutions?

January 8, 2015
Right around now, during our first week back at work after the…

Meet Holiday Stress with Balance and Equipoise

December 12, 2014
Despite what you've heard in the press, and maybe even on your…

Holiday Gift Giving and the Joys of Good Health

December 5, 2014
The holidays snuck up on us this year: Christmas is less than…

Modern Manners at the Thanksgiving Table

November 14, 2014
We love Thanksgiving. Any holiday focused on food and family…

Keeping Fit during the Holidays: 6 strategies for keeping your figure and your calm

November 7, 2014
The holidays are upon us. It is the season of gratitude and good…

5 ways to get more pumpkin in your diet

October 16, 2014
The pumpkin is such a humble vegetable, though from a botanical…

You can make it on your own: Health and Fitness

September 27, 2014
You can make it on your own. Jennifer Lopez sings "I know you're…

Is your diet making you happy?

September 19, 2014
Food trends, diet trends, and even cookbook trends are not new…

Fall Flowers and Fun: Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival

September 12, 2014
At Blossom Water, we love flowers. The whole idea behind this…

Healthy Bones and Dehydration

September 5, 2014
The recent discovery of Dreadnoughtus, the eighty-five feet long,…

The Meaning of Labor Day: Keep Calm and Carry On

August 30, 2014
Labor Day is an excellent holiday for this time of year: it is…

Back to School: Health Focus

August 21, 2014
A new school year is upon us - or nearly so. And like New Year's…
bamboo is known for resilience

Wellness, Resiliency, and the Good Life

August 7, 2014
There has been a great deal of news lately about wellness. As…

Bucket Lists and Getting the Most out of Summer

August 1, 2014
Bucket Lists, those lists of all the great things you want to…

Keeping Cool and Hydrated During the Hottest Summer Ever

July 23, 2014
Sweltering. Hazy, Hot and Humid. A Scorcher. Sultry. Sticky.…
rainbow - the color of good nutrition

The Color of Good Nutrition

July 15, 2014
Good nutrition is the foundation for the good life. It effects…
Summertime Fitness Motivation Tips

Summertime Fitness: Finding and Keeping Motivation

July 7, 2014
It's no secret. Fit people live longer, happier lives. But longevity…

What does it take to be a Sofi Awards Finalist at the New York Fancy Food Show?

June 25, 2014
Innovation, excellent ingredients, great flavor, good taste,…

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC

June 20, 2014
The Summer Fancy Food Show kicks off in New York at the Javits…
Beat the Monday Blahs

10 Best Ways to Beat the Monday Blahs

June 12, 2014
The Monday Blahs are part of life, right? You've had a beautiful…
Blossom_Water_Father and son surf lesson in Morro Bay, CA

The Perfect Gift for Father's Day

June 6, 2014
Father's Day is next Sunday - the third Sunday in June. And though…

The Very Best Drink of the Day

May 30, 2014
If you are still at your desk, you might be thinking right about…

Gardening and Happiness – Oxygen is good for you!

May 12, 2014
Gardening and Happiness are very closely linked in the Blossom…

Final Exams – Hydration and Your brain

April 21, 2014
It's exam time. Drink up. Your brain is almost 75% water. Stay…

Beating the Sweets: Kicking the Sugar Addiction

April 10, 2014
Sugar and spice and everything nice, right? Spice, yes. Sugar,…

How Happiness Affects your Success at Work

March 30, 2014
Happiness research and common sense tell us that happy people…

Finding Happiness as Winter Holds On

March 20, 2014
Winter can have a deleterious effect on your health and well-being,…

What Does Blossom Water Do For Me?

February 14, 2014
When we are out in the greater Boston area sampling Blossom Water…

Blossom Water Toasts First Ladies and 'Drink Up'

January 14, 2014
Our nation's first ladies have a way of quietly getting things…

Staying Hydrated Through the Holidays: Blossom Water Can Help

December 19, 2013
What happens at the office New Year's party does not always stay…

Blossom Water on the Thanksgiving Hanukkah Menu

November 21, 2013
Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coincide this year and cooks all across…

Blossom Water as Aromatherapy

November 6, 2013
At just a glance, you know exactly what these roses smell like;…

Trick or Treat or Blossom Water?

October 25, 2013
Halloween is a mixed bag. Love it or hate it, either way your…

Light Fall Breezes and Light Cocktails with Blossom Water

October 17, 2013
Blossom Water is headquartered in the Boston area, the hub of…

Blossom Water can help you Kick the Artificial Sweetener Habit

October 11, 2013
Blossom Water contains nothing artificial. No artificial colors,…

Blossom Water for Breakfast: Start Your Day with Great Smells and Flavor

October 8, 2013
Try Blossom Water with breakfast. It may just change the way…

Fall Food Pairing and Blossom Water

September 26, 2013
As the season changes so does our appetite for great food.…

Get Your Fall Color: Foliage and Blossom Water

September 20, 2013
In just a few weeks, the Northeast will be ablaze with color.…

Blossom Water - with Beets, Carrots and Potatoes?

September 12, 2013
Sure, Blossom Water contains fruit. It's in the name: Lemon Rose,…

Agave - the Real Story

September 5, 2013
The debate about agave is not unlike the rivalry between the…

Nutritional Labels - What's In Your Enhanced Water?

August 29, 2013
This is not your father's nutritional label. The nutritional…

Blossom Water at Whole Foods - History and Healthy Hoops

August 21, 2013
Blossom Water is thrilled to be available for sale in many of…

The Key to Happiness...Could it be as Simple as Water?

August 14, 2013
Periodically the airwaves are clogged with articles about happiness.…

Purity, Pasteurization and Promises...Blossom Water Delivers!

August 9, 2013
There are so many bottled waters on the market these days, they…

Blossom Water and The Acid Test

August 2, 2013
Not that kind of acid! Though Hippies love Blossom Water too,…

Flavor and Aroma - Why Good Smelling Things Just Taste Better

July 26, 2013
At Blossom Water, we understand the importance of smell and taste.…

Water Conservation - In all this rain?

July 19, 2013
Here at Blossom Water, we love to think about flavor, but our…

Pemberton Farms and Blossom Water:

July 12, 2013
We are sampling Blossom Water today at Pemberton Farms in Cambridge…

Reverse Osmosis: Only the Best for Blossom Water

July 8, 2013
It's all about the water. And here at Blossom Water, only the…

Glass Vs. Plastic - Blossom Water Bottles

June 14, 2013
During the last 20 years, the debate about the use of plastic…

Food Pairing, Wine Pairing and Blossom Water

June 14, 2013
When we think of food pairings, we often think of things like…

Beer and Blossom

May 31, 2013
Under the right circumstances, a nice cold beer can be the answer…
Blossom_Water_DCF 1.0

Keep Fit and Stay Hydrated: Drink Blossom Water

May 22, 2013
Keeping in the game is all about energy. Whether you pump iron,…

Rose Water, Rose Essence, and Lemon Rose Blossom Water

May 15, 2013
The rose is symbolic, poetic, historic, sacred, beloved, sensual,…

Jasmine Flower: Therapeutic and Sexy

May 2, 2013
Jasmine. The word conjures. Some picture primary-colored Disney…

Geranium Makes the Top 10 List of Edible Flowers

April 23, 2013
When we think of top 10 lists, we think of David Letterman…

Lilacs are Edibles - And Thirst Quenchers

April 23, 2013
Here in New England, we cherish Lilacs as exquisitely scented…

Flower Therapy, Flower Essences: Blossom, Heal Thyself

April 18, 2013
Blossom Water is not a medicinal drink, but it definitely makes…

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