Blossom Water and The Acid Test

Not that kind of acid! Though Hippies love Blossom Water too, this blog post is about the kinds of natural and not-so-natural acids that manufacturers add to soft drinks and enhanced waters: phosphoric acid and citric acid. One of these things is not like the other…

The word on the street (and at the doctor’s office) was that carbonated beverages leached calcium from the bones, thus increasing the risk of osteoporosis. We heard that the bubbly drinks rotted our teeth and ate away at our digestive tract. But recently the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Weil and a cast of health professionals have changed their tune. Phosphoric acid is the real culprit.

Phosphoric acid comes from crushed phosphate rock mined from the earth. The resulting acid is added to soft drinks to give them a sharper flavor. Many sodas and soft drinks (and all colas) contain phosphoric acid along with other soda ingredients like unhealthy amounts of sugar and caffeine that have been associated with ill effects like calcium loss and low bone density.

Citric acid on the other hand is an organic compound that actually has some health benefits for the human body. Most fruits and some vegetables contain citric acid. Generally speaking, sour fruits contain more citric acid – think citrus, grapefruits, lemons, oranges. Just a touch of citric acid is added to Blossom Water to balance the pH and keep the water pure.

When it comes to good taste and good health, citric acid is the better choice. It’s not psychedelic, but it is good for you!