Blossom Water and the History of the Sandwich

Blossom Water is now available in New York City! And it is making a big splash at the local delis. The reason is pretty clear. Blossom Water is the perfect beverage to pair up with a great sandwich. While its florals compliment all kinds of complex gourmet foods and flavors, when the noon whistle blows, the Blossom Water and sandwich combo is where its at.

The combination of bread and pastry with something sweet or savory has been on the menu as long as humans have known how to bake. Before the invention of the fork (11th Century according to some sources), bread was the vehicle of choice for getting food from the bowl to the hungry mouth. But the sandwich is a relatively modern addition to the culture of food. Today we find it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Named for the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, a British statesman in the late 1700’s, our favorite lunchtime repast was created for convenience. By all accounts the good earl was something of a gambling addict. He needed sustenance during his long doubts of play and asked his cook to supply him with something that would not interfere with his game. His cook obliged him with a slice of meat presented between two slices of toast – a quick and ready meal that could be held in one hand and eaten without utensils. Et Voila! Your lunch is ready, Sir.

Americans in the late 1700’s, though they probably consumed plenty of sandwiches, were loath to use a term  made famous by the Brits they loathed. Today, 50 percent of us consume a sandwich each day. According to the Smithsonian, approximately 49 percent of all Americans over 20 years old eat one sandwich per day. That means about 150 million people will eat (or have eaten) a sandwich today. Some of us will eat more than one sandwich today. (

You might guess that the PB&J is our country’s most popular sandwich. But Business Insider did a survey about popular sandwiches last year that spells it out, they’ve even got a nice little chart. It makes sense that Business Insider should do such a study because according to USA Today, more than 65% of workers take lunch at their desk – and like the Earl of Sandwich, these workers are probably eating sandwiches so they can keep on top of their game, even during lunch. Here are the top seven sandwiches last year:

  1. Turkey
  2. Ham
  3. Chicken
  4. PBJ
  5. BLT
  6. Grilled Cheese
  7. Roast Beef

Is it lunchtime yet?