Blossom Water as Aromatherapy

At just a glance, you know exactly what these roses smell like; you even know how their smell makes you feel. This is aromatherapy at its essence. At Blossom Water, we have a first-hand understanding of the experience of aromatherapy. We love flowers. We love gardening, creating incredible environments and especially good smells. Flowers make us feel good. They make us happy. This is the premise behind Blossom Water. If flowers and their essences make us this joyful, they are bound to do the same for you!

As it turns out, we were right! The fans we meet at tastings tell us so. A recent online review by explains it this way: “This drink has a flavor that I associate with not having a care in the world. It makes me think about relaxing outside under the shade of a tree, perhaps reading a book. It gives the hope of warmer weather on a day that is blustery and cold…Give it a try and hopefully you’ll fall in love.” This is what aromatherapy is all about.

The therapeutic effect of good smells is nothing new. Ancient Egyptians understood the power of aroma to restore health and vitality and used essential oils and flower essences in their famous skin care formulas and cosmetics. The Bible’s Balm of Gilead used fragrant herbs to heal; the wise men brought frankincense and myrrh. The oracle priestesses at Delphi sat over smoldering fumes of bay leaves to inspire intoxicating trances.

Throughout history, aromatics were considered a gift of healing from the divine and a sacred invitation to return to Paradise. Today, even the Mayo Clinic agrees that aromatherapy “might” have health benefits, including relief from depression and anxiety, and “improved quality of life.” (

Good smells inspire healing, trances, paradise, relief from depression, and improved quality of life! These might not happen to you all at once as you open your first bottle of Blossom Water, you may need to try all four of our flavors. But if you open your mind and your senses, we know you’ll have a wonderful experience.

So relax and find a little Blossom Water bliss at a store near you.