Blossom Water on the Thanksgiving Hanukkah Menu

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coincide this year and cooks all across the country are wracking their brains about the menu. These holidays have not occurred together on the same date since 1888 and they wont meet again until 2070. But the happy confluence of these two great food- and family-centered occasions does put more than a little bit of pressure on the person wearing the apron.

Will it be brisket or turkey? Latkes or mashed potatoes? Will you serve rugelach or pumpkin pie? And pumpkin rugelach can go either way: savory with sage and walnuts or sweet with ginger and honey. Kugel poses a similarly difficult flavor decision. If you’re keeping kosher, your options narrow a bit, but the menu choices can still be overwhelming. Even the briefest of online holiday menu searches is enough to make your head spin and your mouth water.

Family-centered holidays can pose challenges to our etiquette and sense of humor, add menu conflicts and the cranberry sauce (jellied or chunky? with orange zest or without?) might just hit the fan.

We’d like to recommend Blossom Water as a taste bud-pleaser and temper-soother. Blossom Water pairs incredibly well with savory foods and its aromatic qualities can have a therapeutic effect. It also looks wonderfully elegant in a wine glass!

The folks at Blossom Water send bright warm wishes to you and your loved ones on Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. Here’s to health and happiness!Cheers.