What Does Blossom Water Do For Me?

When we are out in the greater Boston area sampling Blossom Water at farmers’ markets, specialty and gourmet shops, and grocery stores like Whole Foods, we see lots of satisfied smiles. We also get the same question over and over again: “What does Blossom Water do for me?” In a world where every product has its promise, consumers want their purchases to deliver vitality, youth, vigor, beauty, even love.

While Blossom Water makes no such promises, it does make your doctor-recommended daily water intake more enjoyable. Its combination of bright fruit flavors and subtle floral essences is about as near as you can come to paradise in a bottle.

Paradise is nice. But what will it do for me? It will make you happy by quenching your thirst. Thirst in humans is stimulated by both psychological and physiological factors. Pleasure is a huge factor in thirst quenching. Blossom Water delivers pleasure in spades. Pleasurable flavors, aromas, and colors all contribute to the experience. Let’s look more closely at how this works.

Flavor. We learn to favor certain flavors based in part on childhood experiences. Think about what you ate as a kid. Salads and celery sticks were probably not your favorite staples. Instead the sweet treats of youth come to mind. This perception of sweet is also linked to thirst quenching.  However, Blossom Water is careful to use just enough sweetener to carry the flavors.  That’s why an entire 16 ounce bottle is only 45 calories.

Aroma. Aroma is closely linked to emotion and memory. The olfactory bulb, the part of the brain that senses smell, is part of the brain’s limbic system, sometimes called the “emotional brain.” It’s no surprise that fans call Blossom Water aromatherapy. Its floral essences makes them feel happy.

Color. Color has a well-documented affect on happiness. Beyond the psychological associations related to color it is also linked to our perception of flavor and thirst-quenching. A recent study of the effect of color on the sense of taste demonstrated that brilliantly colored beverages are perceived as being more sweet and thus more thirst quenching.

Blossom Water’s elements of flavor, aroma, and color work in harmony to create a uniquely pleasant experience that drives the body’s craving for fluids. Plain water alone does not stimulate such cravings. Great taste is how Blossom Water helps you meet your daily requirements for water. Its pleasurable elements may even help you meet your daily quotient of happiness.