Bucket Lists and Getting the Most out of Summer

Bucket Lists, those lists of all the great things you want to do in life before you kick the bucket, are very popular these days. Whether it’s because of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson (how can we resist such a duo?) or because of the popularity of the Happiness Movement and people like Pharrell Williams is not altogether clear. Either way, the folks at Blossom Water are completely on board with bucket lists.

Generally speaking, however, bucket lists are usually the domain of middle age and beyond. But why wait? Carpe diem! Summer is short an usually sweet. Its peak is upon us, the time to act is now (with or without a bucket list). We have only 50 days until Fall officially starts (September 21st). The second half of summer goes fast!

Here are 11 of our favorite tips for getting on top of your bucket list and getting the most out of summer:

  1. Schedule stuff – Make a plan and take action. Getting things on your calendar is the start of making them happen.
  2. Be spontaneous – The open, wholesome, uninhibited nature of spontaneity nourishes the creative process. Your brain will kick into action and you might just have a blast!
  3. Get local – Instead of spending hours in the car, take a walk over to your local park, bakery, bookstore, farm stand, swimming pool. It’s your town and it’s right around the corner. You might just discover how much you love it!
  4. Act like a kid – Remember recess? Revisit it. Play on the swings, splash in mud puddles, sing at the top of your lungs.
  5. Play Hookie – Your job probably offers you a few sick days. Take a well day instead. Call in well and get out there. The beach, your bicycle, your body await you!
  6. Learn a something new – Whether it’s playing the ukelele or learning how to Hula Hoop, try something new. The challenge is great brain food. And beginner’s mind is good for your soul.
  7. Unplug – Your iPhone, your TV, your computer are all conspiring to eat up your precious time. Give them all the boot for a day – or even a week! You’ll find more time to enjoy the things that really matter.
  8. Make a new friend – Friendship is great for your mood and your self-esteem. Making a new friend keeps it lively and exciting. See #6.
  9. Service – Helping others is our highest calling. It is a confidence-booster, it is good for the community, it’s a great way to make friends. And it has scientifically proven health benefits – like lower mortality rates.
  10. Take a big trip – See the world with new eyes. Commit to taking a wonderful adventure – just at the edge of your comfort zone. Planning it is exciting. And getting away will give you a fresh perspective.
  11. Kick back – Take a nap. Swing in a hammock. Just let yourself be for a while.

Happy summer!