Cooking and Long-term Relationships: Feeding the Love

At Blossom Water, we love love (and of course flowers, they seem to go hand-in-hand) and on our blog, Valentine’s Day this year lasts all month long. We have explored scents and sensuality, getting in the mood, and last week, we looked at tips for making love last. Among those tips, cooking together struck our fancy, so this week we look deeper into cooking and long-term relationships. A great way of feeding the love is cooking together. After all, the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach.

The activity, when approached as an exploration or learning experience, creates new neural pathways in the brain. The stimulation you’ll create together by rewiring your brains in similar ways at the same time will boost unity, creativity, and the satisfaction that comes from growing and learning. Together. Take a cooking class together, try a completely new type of cuisine, explore a new cookbook. As you julienne, saute, gratin, puree, sear, stir fry, poach, and truss together, your relationship will marinate. Good things will caramelize.

Flavors and subliminal scents influence how we develop, mate, and bond, even how we nurture our kids. Smell plays as much a role in our sex lives as do hormones.

And face it: culinary skills are sexy. Beyond satisfying out atavistic urges to attract and provide for a mate, cooking together solidifies the bond. Since our hunter-gatherer days, we’ve found partnership at the evening meal around the fire. By preparing meals together, we tap into our natural instinct to eat and make whoopie.

While good food and good sex are not the sole elements of healthy long-term relationships, they are certainly the more delicious ones.

Bon Appétit.