Dig Deep: Find Your Inner Awesome to Keep Your Fitness Flowing with the Changing Season

Face it. October is here. Winter will follow. Global Warming notwithstanding, it’s going to get colder and darker and gloomier. While some of us love fall and winter, others of us are strictly fair-weather enthusiasts. No matter what your season, autumn brings with it challenges that call for us to dig deep.

Beyond combatting things like the common cold and resisting going to bed at dark (which in some parts of the country will be right around 5 in the afternoon), we face the inevitable change in our workout regimen. Don’t take this change sitting down, dig deep.

Here are a few tips to keep you focused on your inner awesome as the leaves autumn leaves fly.

Think of fitness as your gift to yourself. In order to make this suggestion a reality and not just fanciful fluff, you have to choose a workout you love. I recently started doing CrossFit and I’m hooked. Not just for the fitness, but for the community and friendships I enjoy.

Prioritize. Your health is your greatest wealth. Prioritize it.

Make realistic short- and long-term goals. Write them down and post them around your home and office. Share them with your loved ones and friends.

Meditate. Meditation can boost your confidence and help you stay focused. Meditation is not just sitting in lotus position thinking about nothing with your eyes closed. Meditation can be whatever you make it. Riding your motorcycle can be a meditation. Simply focusing on your breath can be meditation, listening to birds, listening to music, hiking… Meditation is the way your find inner calm. It is unique to you.

Give yourself rewards. Reward your diligence with a luxurious hot bath or a bouquet of flowers. Try to resist the temptation to give yourself some kind of treat, like a cookie, but if you do go in for a treat, choose it wisely and savor it with delight.

Revise your goals. If your life changes in some way, let your workout change with you. If your doctor forbids running, ride a bike, swim…don’t give up.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Dig deep. You’ll be glad you did.