Exploring the Links Between Happiness, Mindfulness, and Flavor

We all know that great flavors can make us feel good. Many of our most important celebrations (weddings, funerals, religious holidays, birthdays, etc) are centered on good food and good flavors. When our taste buds come alive, so too does our sense of well being and happiness.

Besides the obvious life sustenance stuff, ever wonder why flavor plays such a big role in our lives? You’re not the only one! Literature is filled with references to food that makes us feel good. Remember to feast scene in Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones? Remember Like Water for Chocolate or Madame Bovary? In Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past the taste of a little cookie, le petite madeleine, sent the author through a deeply vivid reliving of his long lost childhood.

Our taste buds work hand-in-hand with our brains. When we eat mindfully and with attention to flavor, this connection is emphasized. Happiness ensues. Think of a dog drooling at the thought of a tasty treat – you can almost see the smile on his canine face. Think of your own mouth watering for something wonderful. As you recollect a flavor you love, your eyes drift, the corners of your mouth turn up in bliss and happiness.

It’s not just love and literature that cause this delectable connection. Orosensory factors in food such as taste, texture, smell and flavor are linked to hedonic response – this is our body’s reaction to happiness and pleasure. (The great mystery of human happiness and pleasure is a field known as hedonic psychology.)

As a species, we humans tend to bounce back to a “relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes,” says Wikipedia. As purveyors of deliciously flavored waters that combine a bit of aromatherapy with great taste, mouth feel and pure thirst quenchability, we understand the link between mindfulness, happiness, and flavor. In our experience at Blossom Water tastings (and at lunch), the positive effects of flavor and visual appeal hasten the journey back to happiness.

Taste it for yourself! You’ll see.