Gardening and Happiness – Oxygen is good for you!

Gardening and Happiness are very closely linked in the Blossom Water Family. Our founder, Steven Fortuna, is a fanatical gardener. His green thumbs are total magic. And he always seems happy. There must be a connection, right?

Beyond the wonderful aromatherapy we can reap from gardening and the joys of being in beautiful surroundings, gardening has myriad happiness inducing benefits. If you are new to the wonders of gardening, just take a little Internet tour, you’ll find in short order that plants equal happiness.

“People around plants are more upbeat, have more creative states of mind, and have lower blood pressure. The presence of plants in the workplace increases productivity and reduces sick days. Research shows that 40 percent of all sick days are related to poor indoor air quality. Simply put, we take in oxygen, and give off carbon dioxide. Plants take in carbon dioxide, and give off oxygen. It’s a match made in heaven.” (

Aside from the fact that oxygen is good for us, there are several other reasons that gardening is the bees knees:

  • Gardeners are nurturers -it has been scientifically proven that taking care living things makes us feel happier
  • It is a great form of low-impact exercise
  • People that garden have been known to live longer
  • Gardening exposes us to bacteria, which strengthens the immune system
  • Gardeners are optimistic: they have something to look forward to, the next crop, the next season, the next blossom
  • Gardening stimulates the senses
  • Exposure to the natural environment help us relax
  • Gardeners tend to eat more fresh produce
  • “Gardening outdoors could be more effective at reducing cortisol levels (read: the “stress” hormone) than staying indoors and reading” ( nails it: “Gardeners have to take notice of the interaction of water, sun light, warmth, soil and pests & predators as the seasons change if they want to produce the beautiful garden of their dreams with the minimum amount of effort so they are growing in their awareness of the inter-connectivity of all things and are more likely to get a sense of joy & happiness from common things like warm day or seeing a butterfly feeding on the flowers or birds singing instead of only being happy when having lots of money and the latest gadget and perfect weather like a lot of people do.” (