Holiday Gift Giving and the Joys of Good Health

The holidays snuck up on us this year: Christmas is less than 3 weeks away, the Winter Solstice is in 16 days, and many of us will be lighting our first Hanukkah (or Chanukah depending on your spelling preference) candle in just one week! Which brings us the topic of holiday gift giving…and none too soon!

We love to recommend that you give each of your loved ones a case of Blossom Water (its colors are so wonderfully festive!). We do understand that something additional might be required, so we will also make other gift recommendations.

The latest fitness app and the latest yoga togs are no-brainer gifts for the health conscious. And we love gift certificates for massage, yoga, personal training… Fitness-related and self-care activities are just the ticket for raising confidence and lifting the spirits, which seems about as close as you can get to giving the gift of good health.

Psychologists, cognitive neuroscience researchers, and maybe even the Dalai Lama might recommend that you take this gift of health thing to the next level and do some charitable giving (both on behalf of your loved ones and yourself).

There are no two ways around the fact that charitable giving feels good. Charitable giving on behalf of a loved one feels amazing! The reason for this that we feel pleasure when someone else feels better; when we give on behalf of a loved one, it’s a win-win, the recipient of our charitable contribution feels good, our loved one feels good, we feel great. Without getting too touchy-feely, this looks like a good scenario.

We looked into a few potential good scenarios:

Now Foods offers up some great suggestions for health-conscious causes here. Vitamin Angels is a great name for a charitable organization centered on nutrition; we also love Heifer International, an organization that eradicates hunger and poverty by providing livestock and training to struggling communities. Your local food shelf is also a great place to be generous.

Good Housekeeping suggests these 20 ways to give without giving stuff. Our favorite suggestion on this list is the gift of a volunteer vacation. “Volunteer vacations are a chance to give back to local communities, restore and protect local ecosystems or otherwise help out while enjoying a holiday. The testimonials from vacationers tell the tale: They can be more satisfying and offer a greater sense of renewal than even the most relaxing getaways.” describes it this way: “This year, your volunteer vacation could be teaching basic math to students in a rural African community struggling to modernize. Next year, you could volunteer abroad to help research scientists save endangered sea turtles from extinction. On your volunteer vacation the following year, you could assist nurses at a children’s clinic in Romania, help build a home for a homeless family, dig for dinosaur bones, or control erosion on a remote wilderness trail in a US national park.” Make sure to take plenty of Blossom Water with you – seems like you’ll get thirsty!

We are sure you have your own ideas about the best charitable causes. We encourage you to follow your heart and give generously.

Happy gift giving!