Jasmine Flower: Therapeutic and Sexy

Jasmine. The word conjures. Some picture primary-colored Disney princesses while others contemplate the wily and seductive Scheherazade, the legendary Persian queen and storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights. Her 1001 tales include love stories, poems, tragedies, comedies, burlesques and erotica. The scent of jasmine whirls through them all.

Revered as the ‘queen of flowers’ since ancient times,  jasmine is widely known for its ability to increase energy levels while boosting feelings of happiness – not unlike endorphins, the body’s favorite love hormones.

In India some varieties of jasmine are used as religious offerings symbolizing divine hope, but in the boudoir, the flower inspires another kind of hope. Its calming influence is often used to enhance romance and performance. In the Middle East jasmine oil is traditionally used to increase desire and the body’s sexual response.

A popular ingredient in aromatherapy, jasmine is known to have many other therapeutic qualities including:

    • Promoting relaxation
    • Reducing stress and anxiety
    • Promoting feelings of confidence
    • Reducing coughing


While we make no claims about the individual results you’ll experience when your drink Blossom Water Plum Jasmine, history is on our side.