10 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Routine During the Holidays

What is your plan for your fitness routine during the holidays? As the year starts to wind down, it is more important than ever to keep your fitness routine alive and well. Some people think of routine as boring. Not so during this time of year! During the holidays, your fitness routine can be your saving grace! Think of it as your guardian angel. It’s the gift you give to yourself to stay sane, healthy, happy.

Here are 10 tips to help you stick to your fitness routine during the holidays:

  1. Schedule your fitness time! Sure you have office parties and family gatherings on your December calendar. Make sure to block off some time for you!
  2. Exercise first thing in the morning. It is an excellent and healthy way to start your day. It puts you in a great headspace to face whatever slings and arrows the outrageous holidays may throw your way. And you can cross it off your list.
  3. Do not skip breakfast. You know why…
  4. Find the right spot. Even when traveling, it is important to stake out your spot for exercise. Whether it’s the corner of the den at Grandma’s house, the health club down the street, or the stairs at the airport, stake your claim the night before.
  5. Stay flexible. Even our best laid plans can be thwarted during the holidays, so keep an open mind. For example, if you are a gym rat who cant’ find a gym, break out some good ole calisthenics!
  6. Go easy on your expectations. If you have a particular fitness goal, know that you might not reach it during the holidays. Instead plan on maintenance.
  7. Do not feel guilty. If you miss a workout, give yourself a little bit of a break. Do your best and know that you are doing your best.
  8. When you travel, bring healthy snacks. Eat an apple (or two) so you won’t be tempted by candy canes or cookies.
  9. Drink plenty of water! Have fun, but stay hydrated. If you are drinking champagne at the party tonight, drink a glass of water between glasses of champagne. Maybe even sip some Blossom Water. It is colorful, very festive, and looks amazing in a champagne flute!
  10. Make exercise fun. Solicit friends or relatives. Who knows they might just catch the fitness bug. Can you think of a better gift?