Keeping Cool and Hydrated During the Hottest Summer Ever

Sweltering. Hazy, Hot and Humid. A Scorcher. Sultry. Sticky. Inferno. It’s not all that surprising to see these hot words bandied around the daily weather forecasts this summer. The United Nation’s body on climate change reported that May and June were globally the hottest months in recorded history (records going back to 1880).

Keeping cool and staying hydrated are the key to keeping your wits when the mercury starts to bubble like this, especially if you don’t have Air Conditioning! We’ve touched on the topic of hydration many times, it’s one of our favorites, keeping cool without air conditioning is a new one in this blog.

Here are the top 10 things you can do to keep cool at night without A/C:

  1. Chilly Bed – Stick your sheets in the freezer before bedtime. Put them in a plastic bag, so they don’t pick up odors from the science projects lurking therein.
  2. Cold Friend – Use your hot water bottle for cold. Fill it up with water and stick it in the freezer. Wrap it in a towel and cuddle up to cool.
  3. Damp Sheets – Use a spray bottle or mister of lavender and water. It will cool you down and the lavender smells amazing.
  4. Tout Nu – Take it all off and sleep in your altogethers. Expose as much of your skin as possible to the air.
  5. Block Ice – Stick a block of ice (or even a bowl of ice cubes) in front of the fan. Turn it on.
  6. Eat a Salad – Stay away from the stove. Eat cold food. Fruits and veggies cause less heat in your body than do meat and dairy (even ice cream causes heat).
  7. Get Cold Feet – Stick your tootsies under ice cold tap water before retiring, or wear damp cotton socks to bed.
  8. Rice is Nice – Fill a sock with rice and tie it off. Stick the sock in the freezer for a few hours, then use it as a cold compress. It will stay cold for about 30 minutes – long enough to start your 40 winks.
  9. Get Low – Sleep downstairs. Hot air rises, it will be cooler downstairs.
  10. Drink up – Stay hydrated. Drink a cool glass of water before retiring.

Sweet Dreams.