The Key to Happiness…Could it be as Simple as Water?

Periodically the airwaves are clogged with articles about happiness. What it really is, how to get it, where to find it, who has it, who doesn’t…These articles usually come in late-winter, but this summer’s rains and droughts have spawned a new generation of happiness-seekers online.

Religion, family, meditation, fitness, sex, drugs, money are all possible keys to happiness. Some work better than others, some effects last longer, but they have all been tested. Some seekers link personal happiness to the economy; others claim that self-control leads to happiness. And multiple studies have shown that gratitude is a significant contributor to happiness.

A fairly new correlation has been made between food and mood. Healthy, colorful, nutritious food has been found to support physical, mental, and emotional health. The old adage, “You are what you eat,” is not too far off the mark. And what you drink affects your spirits as much as what you eat. For this reason, we have taken great care in the production of Blossom Water. The flavor profile, the aroma, the purity of the water, and even the texture are all crafted to generate pleasure, a natural mood booster.

A new study conducted by the University of Vermont looked at positive and negative language in the Twittersphere as an indication of geographical happiness. The result of the study showed Hawaii the happiest state, and Louisiana the gloomiest. The East Coast states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island showed up at the mid-range of happiness. We are working to boost the East Coast into the upper range of happiness…one grocery store and restaurant at a time.

Need a little lift? You can find a pick-me-up with Blossom Water at many Whole Foods Markets in Massachusetts and at the following locations: click here for the full list.

* Joy image courtesy of Dreaming in the deep South