Light Fall Breezes and Light Cocktails with Blossom Water

Blossom Water is headquartered in the Boston area, the hub of New England, where there is no shortage of outdoor adventure: hiking, biking, water sports, state parks and forests. Right now, the beauty here is unparalleled: foliage and sunshine. As the warm weather lingers here in New England, we thought it would be a good time for a toast.

Cocktails can be both satisfying and glamorous.  Imagine quaffing a nice Mojito or a Tequila Sunrise after a beautiful autumn bike ride or hike. The notion is delightful, but the reality may very well knock you to your knees.  Drinking booze too fast has notorious ill-effects, but cocktail mixers can sneak up on us in other ways.

Rarely part of the low-calorie club; mixers have a way of quickly adding back the calories you just burned off on your autumnal jaunt. Simple syrup contains 50 calories per ounce, grenadine contains 54 calories per tablespoon. Benedictine, the sweet behind many short drinks, has 90 calories per ounce! It takes 25 minutes of vigorous walking to burn off 90 calories!

Let’s take a look at the hard stuff, too. Gin, vodka, rum, and tequila all contain roughly the same amount of calories: 100 calories per shot (or 1.5 ounces). You can burn this off jogging for about 15 minutes or try 10 minutes rock climbing.

All this exercise has got me thirsty, let’s make a rum punch!
– 2 oz. dark rum
– 1/4 oz. grenadine
– Sour Mix
– Orange Juice
Add a couple ice cubes and we’re in business to the tune of about 350 calories.

Those 2 ounces of dark rum are water-soluble. The rum mixes with all the water in your body: your muscles, your brain, even your skin. This is the source of the buzz.  When exercise is involved the effect is accentuated.  You’re already dehydrated, so the alcohol you consume will pack even more of a punch.

We’d like to prolong the party by adding a bit of Blossom Water.  It has significantly fewer calories than most mixers (only 45 calories per bottle), so you can drink more of it, if you like. And because Blossom Water flavors aren’t as concentrated as flavored syrups and mixes, the perfect Blossom Water cocktail should probably include less alcohol, so you can drink more of it, if you like.

The forecast in the Boston area this week is perfect: partly sunny, highs in the upper sixties. Get out there and enjoy this autumnal wonderland. Drink Blossom Water copiously; add alcohol judiciously.