Pemberton Farms and Blossom Water:

We are sampling Blossom Water today at Pemberton Farms in Cambridge and I have to tell you, this place just feels good. It feels like coming home.

Back in the 1930’s it was a little corner store specializing in fresh fruits, vegetables and exceptional customer service. Founder Tofic Saidnawey made deliveries personally and knew all of his customers by name. If your wallet was empty, he’d let you take your groceries anyway and square up with him at payday at the end of the week. Everything was done face-to-face, hand-to-hand, and day-to-day.

Two generations later, customer service is still the cornerstone of the business. The Saidnawey Family no longer keeps Granddad’s little red book of grocery tabs, but they still know most of their customers names. “We’re a family. We’re local,” said Mark Saidnawey when we caught up with him this morning. Mark explained that when Tofic Saidnawey retired, he gave the store to his sons Leo and Al. Leo, at 86, still comes to work everyday at Pemberton Farms. Mark and his brother Tom are the third generation in the business and, “The fourth generation is knocking at the door.”

Since the early days of Tofic Saidnawey’s vegetable shop, the store has grown into a full-fledged marketplace replete with garden center, fine wines, a gourmet deli, catering, and a gift basket service. It throws wonderful community events that attract thousands of loyal customers.

Now in its 83rd year in business, Pemberton Farms still does things the old fashioned way. The Saidnaweys take great pride in their products and customer service. Everything is fresh and delicious and the customer is treated like royalty.

We asked Mark to tell us his favorite thing about coming to work each day. “It’s like going to my second home,” he says. “It’s a family here.” He’s not the only one who thinks so…