Ribs and Blossom Water in Toronto

May is National Barbecue Month. Last weekend Blossom Water had the honor of lead sponsorship for the Northern Heat Ribs Series Yonge-Dundas Square Ribs Fest in Toronto, a rib and craft beer festival without parallel. Ribbers included Kentucky Smokehouse, New York BBQ, Oak & Barrel, and Louisiana BBQ. Craft Beers included Flying Monkeys, Barnstormer Brewing, Iconic Brewing, Highlander Brewing, and Naughty Otter, among others.

Of course craft beer is the perfect compliment to barbecue. Simple, crisp lagers are great palate cleansers between bites of juicy BBQ. The balance of caramel malt and spritely hops in Oktoberfest-style beers can bring out both the sweet and the spicy in your favorite ribs. Some pilsners also have a crispness that works well with ribs. But if you’re not inclined toward beer, then what?

“It may sound romantic, but there is something to be said for drinking something that is born of a certain climate, using something as elemental as the water, the soil, the heat and humidity of a place. It’s going to make you understand the genius of why people in different parts of the country and the world drink different things with different foods,” Eben Freeman, head of bar operations at the Altamarea Restaurant Group, in New York writes in a Real Simple article about what to drink with your Ribs. (goo.gl/JTvOSM)

If craft brews just won’t do, we suggest Blossom Water. The crisp, fresh citrus notes of our Lemon Rose and Grapefruit Lilac bring out barbecue’s tang; Plum Jasmine and Pomegranate Geranium compliment the molasses and brown sugar of barbecue’s sweetness. (Something to think about as you shop for your Memorial Day barbecues.)

For those of you who could attend, thank you! For those of you who could not attend, we’ll see you next year. For all, we’ve got two fun reviews to share:

On Trip Advisor, David K shares: “Last weekend I went to Rib Fest with a friend and had a marvelous time. Dundas Square is truly a place where the people of Toronto can come together and celebrate. I look forward to attending more activities here throughout the Summer.”

Lakeside71 writes “It was a Sunday afternoon pouring with rain and still the place was buzzing…loud music…street food…lots of people….the smells were superb count decide what to eat ribs, pulled pork, onion petals the list goes on and on…”