Rose Gulkand

Rose GulkandRose gulkand is a jam made from rose petals and rose water.  Rose water has long been used in cooking of the Middle East, North Africa and India, all cuisines in which aromatics are highly prized.  Before the middle of the 19th century, when vanilla became widely available, rose water was also a primary dessert ingredient in Western culture.  It is still very popular in the Arab world where it is added to ice cream, cookies and pastry, as well as to a syrup called jallab.   In India and parts of Asia, it is used to flavor dairy-based beverages such as lassi (made with yogurt) and bandung (with milk).  And in Turkey, rose water is a principal flavoring agent for loukoum, a jelly-like candy dubbed Turkish Delight by the English when first imported during the Victorian era.  Turkish Delight is said to have originated at the request of an Ottoman sultan in the 18th century. He asked his empire’s best confectioners to create a new sweet that might help foster harmony among his palace harem (then numbering four wives and hundreds of mistresses).