The Power of Hibiscus

We weren’t the first to fall in love with hibiscus. Hibiscus has a very long history of goodness that goes back to ancient Egypt, where it was used in cosmetics and as a hair and scalp revitalizer. To this day, hibiscus has popular decorative, medicinal, and culinary uses in Malaysia, Indian, China, Jamaica, and the Pacific Islands (think of Gaugin’s Tahitian women with hibiscus in their hair). Hibiscus is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine and in African traditional healing practices. Hibiscus tea is a famous folk remedy known and loved around the world.

Claims for the super powers of hibiscus are myriad. It has been used as a fever-reducer, an antidepressant, an aid for hypertension, for skin disorders and respiratory problems, to treat head lice, to reduce grey hair, to improve blood circulation. It has been used as a shoe polish – an in some parts of Asia is still called the shoe flower. It is thought to relieve coughs and, increase urine, and kill bacteria. Hibiscus is basically amazing. presents the following “Scientifically Proven Benefits of Hibiscus” :

  1. Hibiscus Benefits For Hair: polyphenol compounds,Vitamin C, and minerals,
  2. Medicinal Ingredients Can Treat Head Lice
  3. Hibiscus Tea Benefits also includes Fever, Constipation, and Cold Cures
  4. Lowers High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels
  5. Hibiscus Tea Beneficial to Calm Hot Flashes
  6. Hibiscus Tea Can Cure Cancer : “Medical research has yet, to throw light in these areas, but according to recent reports, the presence of anthocyanins in hibiscus account for anti-carcinogenic properties.” (We’ll need some further study on this one.)
  7. Hibiscus Has Active Flavonoids: Sabdaretine, Gossypetin, and Hibiscetine calm the nervous system, and can relieve anxiety and depression.

While we at Blossom Water have yet to try the mighty hibiscus on our shoes or in our hair, we love hibiscus for its flavor! It’s a little bit tart with a crisp berry-like zestiness. Hibiscus was a no-brainer as our New Flavor! Tempered with mellow mango, Hibiscus is our new star. The combination of flavor, aroma (clean and subtlety tangy, but not  all-out tropical floral), and color (like a lustrous ruby) make it the perfect addition to our flavor lineup.

Read more about Blossom Water‘s new flavor and new functionality – coming later this spring!