Beer and Blossom

Under the right circumstances, a nice cold beer can be the answer to a powerful summer thirst. Beer, after all, is basically 90% water, the greatest thirst quencher on earth. But like the flavor of a good enhanced water, the taste of a good beer is about more than the H2O.

For discerning beer drinkers, enjoyment is not about replenishing bodily fluids. Taste, texture, even color influence the selection of a favorite. Historically a beer’s flavor (and regional uniqueness) was determined in part by the mineral content in the water. Today, though pure water is still the key to great beer, almost any water can be chemically altered to create the exact style of beer desired. Ingredients and texture play a bigger role now.

The slow-food movement, the localvore movement, and consumer supported agriculture (CSAs) have all done a great job in educating our palates. We are much more mindful now about what we eat and drink. The rise in the popularity of micro-brews and boutique beers speaks to our new sense of taste. Chugging a mega-brewery lager these days feels a bit like tippling tap water.

At Blossom Water we advocate for the consumption of delicious things. There are many flavored waters out there, but like those cheap lagers and light beers, they lack the flavor profile we have come to crave. This is why we craft Blossom Water as we do. Aroma, texture (mouth feel), color, and most of all flavor combine to create an experience rather than just a drink of water.