Blossom Water – with Beets, Carrots and Potatoes?

Sure, Blossom Water contains fruit. It’s in the name: Lemon Rose, Pomegranate Geranium, Grapefruit Lilac, and Plum Jasmine say it all. But did you know that our essence waters also contain vegetables?

It’s true! This is another part of the secret to Blossom Water’s purity . We use fruit- and vegetable-derived colors in our crisp concoctions. Though the alchemy behind these gem-like natural colors is proprietary, we can give you a hint: Grapefruit Lilac contains a natural purple made from potatoes! These natural foods impart great color without flavor, so you needn’t worry that your favorite beverage might start tasting like root vegetables.

If you’re new to naturally colored beautiful beverages, you may wonder why we went to all the trouble. I mean, fruit- and vegetable-derived colors run $300-500 per gallon, after all. The reason can be spelled out in three letters: FD&C. This stands for food, drug, and cosmetic.

You might recognize this former star of the FD&C: Red Dye No. 2 became infamous in the 1970’s after Soviet scientists linked its use to cancer (The U.S. banned it from the shelves in 1976).

As late as 2011, the FDA studied the suspected link between artificial food dye and behavioral problems in children. An NPR report lists the food dyes under scrutiny: Red Dye No. 40 found in Twizzlers, Yellow No. 5 found in Mountain Dew, Yellow No. 6 found in Reese’s Pieces, Red No. 3 found in Maraschino cherries, Blue No.1 in M&Ms, the list goes on.  Within the world of beverages, it’s worth noting that the wildly popular “Sparking Ice” makes use of Red No. 40, Yellow Nos. 5 & 6, and Blue No. 1.

While these food colorings are tested for safety by various organizations, they are often made from petroleum. When it comes to your health, ingesting petroleum is not a great idea – just ask any seabird who has floated past an oil tanker spill.

No thanks. We’ll stick to natural fruit- and vegetable-derived colors. Another reason why Blossom Water is the natural choice.