Blossom Water Expands Presence in Whole Foods Market with Authorization for Northeast Region


Spearheads Launch in NYC Metropolitan Area and Initiates Partnership with Rainforest Distribution

Massachusetts-based Blossom Water LLC has received authorization to sell its all natural essence waters in Whole Foods Market’s Northeast region.  This includes 34 stores in New York (including New York City and Long Island), New Jersey and Western Connecticut (including Fairfield County).   Combined with existing authorizations in the North Atlantic and Rocky Mountain regions, Blossom Water is now available in 108 Whole Foods stores.

In conjunction with this authorization, Blossom Water is pleased to initiate a relationship with Rainforest Distribution of Long Island City, New York.   In addition to being a preferred supplier for Whole Foods, Rainforest serves a variety of natural and specialty retailers in the five boroughs of New York City and an ever-expanding area of the Northeast.   Rainforest seeks out the first, best and most innovative in each product category and focuses on building brands through true partnerships with vendors and customers.

With 8.5 million people in New York City alone, entering this market is an important milestone for Blossom Water.  But sheer numbers don’t convey its full significance.   New York City is a mecca for foodies, owing partly to its world-class standing in so many respects and partly to its multicultural heritage as a principal gateway for immigration.   “We are excited to begin offering our essence waters to this sophisticated and ethnically diverse population of prospective customers,” said Steve Fortuna, President and Cofounder of Blossom Water.  “We are eager to put our natural flavored waters to the New York palate test since, to borrow from Sinatra, ‘if we can make it there, we can make it anywhere.’   And we couldn’t be any happier about doing it with such established and committed partners as Whole Foods and Rainforest.”

About Blossom Water

Founded in 2013 and privately held, Massachusetts-based Blossom Water LLC produces a premium line of all natural essence waters.  Everyone knows water is nature’s perfect beverage for the functioning of our bodies.   But drinking enough water for proper hydration can get monotonous.   Blossom Water wants to contribute to healthfulness by making water more enjoyable and suited to all occasions.  Our products are currently available in four flavors: lemon rose, plum jasmine, grapefruit lilac and pomegranate geranium.   Blossom Water is unique in this pairing of blossoms with fruit.   Each flavor is simply pure water infused with essences of the fruit and flower and balanced by just a touch of natural sweetening.  The result is an all natural and low calorie drink that both fits into a health-conscious lifestyle and enhances plain water with refreshing zest.  All of our flavors deliver bright, thirst-quenching fruit upfront with a delicate floral note finish that is subtly aromatic yet crisp.    They can be found at retailers nationwide or purchased online.   For more information, please visit: or

About Whole Foods Market

Founded in 1978 in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods Market is the leading natural and organic foods supermarket, the first national “Certified Organic” grocer, and uniquely positioned as America’s Healthiest Grocery Store™.  For more information, please visit

About Rainforest Distribution

Based in Long Island City, New York, Rainforest Distribution is a full-service distributor focused on food and beverage delivery to natural and specialty stores in the New York metropolitan area and throughout the Northeast.   Rainforest services also include sales, merchandising, brand strategic planning and brokerage.