Blossom Water, Food Pairing and Picnics

Think food pairing and picnics and you’ll likely think of such romantic pairings as brie and baguette or strawberries and champagne. Yum! But what if you are not drinking, trying to cut back on calories, or maybe you’re the designated driver? Blossom Water is your answer, of course. Let’s pair it as romantically as we might a sparkling white and stone fruit.

Food pairing is an art with some science behind it. According to, “Aromas are the key drivers of our flavour experience and therefore crucial for the synergy of food and drinks. As much as 80% of what we call taste is actually aroma.” ( The aromas of Blossom Water set your tastebuds up perfectly for a delightful flavor experience. Now let’s pair these beauties with some food!

Flavors with similar aroma profiles tend to pair well together. Think of coffee and chocolate. Both have a similar roasted quality and a pleasant acidity. Or imagine how nicely a buttery chardonnay goes with grilled scallops in a buttery sauce or a peppery zinfandel with a peppery steak. Contrasting flavors also mary well together. Think of a nice sweet riesling with a spicy Thai dish, or the crisp acidity of sauvignon blanc paired with the richness of pork tenderloin.

Let’s apply these ideas to Blossom Water.

Grapefruit Lilac
The wonderful bite of grapefruit is tamed somewhat by its lilac compliment, but it is still there. Try pairing Grapefruit Lilac with a fatty cheese, or serve it with a fresh pasta salad. Grapefruit is an excellent compliment to basil. Pesto pasta salad is a winner with Grapefruit Lilac.

Lemon Rose
Lemon flavors pair well with Mediterranean food. You might also indulge in a milder shrimp or chicken dish.

Mango Hibiscus
Mango perfectly contrasts the spicy, smoky flavors of  barbecue or Mexican food, while it perfectly compliments the richness of creamy cheeses.

Plum Jasmine
Bacon. Need we say more?

Pomegranate Geranium
Pomegranate is wonderful with onions – roasted or caramelized. It is also quite nice with spinach, Swiss chard, squash, and coconut.

But of course, there are no rules when it come to the foods you love. Unexpected flavor combinations can bring out really interesting new taste sensations. Tell us your favorites!

Bon Apétit!