Fall Food Pairing and Blossom Water

As the season changes so does our appetite for great food. Cooler temperatures make us crave calorie-dense comfort foods, like mashed potatoes and Thanksgiving dinner.

Some attribute these cravings to SAD (seasonal affective disorder) – the fat and carbs generally found in comfort foods increase the serotonin production in our bodies and make us feel better. There may also be some biological components linked to Fall food cravings. Cool, crisp foods like “fresh fruits and vegetables were historically less available during the winter, so there may be an inherent preference for foods that are in season like starchier vegetables.” (http://www.cnn.com/2012/11/01/health/jampolis-comfort-food-substitutes/) We may also have a genetic tendency to seek out more calorie-dense food in the winter months.

We caught up with Blossom Water’s Chef David Cardell to talk about how well Blossom Water pairs with seasonal Fall foods. He did not hesitate: “Pomegranate Geranium with a roast duck sandwich. A nice glazed duck breast on sour dough, with a an autumn veggie slaw… Duck pairs well with fruit. It’s a classic. Think Duck A L’Orange.” He explained why duck is so good this time of year. Duck is a bit fattier in the Fall; the meat is more marbled and rich. It calls for an acidic counter balance – the natural acidity of fruit is perfect.

“But there are no rules in combination any more. It used to be you’d never have a zinfandel with fish, but it actually goes quite nicely with salmon…If you enjoy it, enjoy it. Go for it!”

We asked him about other food pairings with Blossom Water flavors: “I’ve had people tell me that they like Grapefruit Lilac as an accompaniment to a clam bake.  There is even an up and coming young chef on Martha’s Vineyard using Lemon Rose to poach fluke.”

For Chef David, Plum Jasmine and Grapefruit Lilac stand alone for the “sheer enjoyment and drink-ability. You can match them with anything. They are wonderful in place of a soft-drink or soda. Drink them casually as you read a book or with popcorn and a movie.”