Food Pairing, Wine Pairing and Blossom Water

When we think of food pairings, we often think of things like fish and chips and bread and butter. They just go together, well, like peanut butter and jelly or ants and picnics. Foodpairing, on the other hand, is the modern science of combining foods based on their key flavor components. It uses laboratory methods to analyze foods to find common chemical components (say that three times fast).

Wine and food pairing, is also relatively modern. Historically local foods were simply served with local wines, et voilà, le dîner est servi. Today, it’s all about the dining experience. Certain wines are paired with certain foods based on their “weight” and balance. While it is based in part on tradition, it is almost entirely subjective.

When the dictates of tradition brush up against the whimsy of subjectivity, things get exciting. Cabernet Sauvignon, normally paired with juicy red meats, finds it way to the vegan dinner table; Torrontés flirts with fish tacos; Brut Rosé Champagne falls for pepperoni pizza. And all hell breaks loose: colors, aroma, texture, temperature, and even sound play a role in the food sensation.

This is precisely where Blossom Water fits in to the menu. Like a great wine, Blossom Water is versatile. Our flavors stand up equally well to Asian, Italian, and Mexican foods. Blossom Water is also the perfect picnic beverage. The crisp finish of Grapefruit Lilac contrasts perfectly with cheeses; Pomegranate Geranium complements meats and other savories; Lemon Rose is the ideal accompaniment to salads and fresh fruit; And Plum Jasmine‘s exotic aroma transports any dining experience to something magical.

Bon appétit.