Keeping Fit during the Holidays: 6 strategies for keeping your figure and your calm

The holidays are upon us. It is the season of gratitude and good will. It is also the season of unbuckled belts, stretchy waistbands, and over indulgences. Our participation in the excesses of celebration almost feels mandatory. And social media piles on to Thanksgiving at the in-laws and the office holiday party with mouth-watering images of homemade pies and strategies for making a bigger impression at the holiday table.

We’d like to recommend some healthier strategies. Here are six ways to help you keep your shape and maybe even your cool this holiday season:

  1. Enlist a friend – A friend can help you stay on track; and you can help your friend stay on track, too. Helping someone keep their promises will help you keep yours! And friendly conversation during exercise is good for your perspective. It’s a great stress-reliever that might even help you mind your manners at the table.
  2. Stay hydrated! tells us: “The more water you drink, the less hungry you’ll feel. Drinking one glass of water right before each meal has been proven to help you eat less and still feel just as satisfied after the meal.”
  3. Plan ahead – Find workouts you can do from home or from your travel destination. Getting out of the kitchen might also help relieve some of the tensions brewing there. Too many cooks?
  4. Eat! Don’t go to the holiday party on an empty stomach! Grab a handful of almonds, or some other protein-rich snack, before hand. You’ll be able to even out your blood sugar and you’ll be less likely to overindulge on bad food choices.
  5. Don’t torture yourself – Allow yourself a treat or two. Moderation is the key. Choose your indulgences wisely and enjoy them thoroughly. Practicing self control takes concentration, determination, and mindfulness. Tune into your body so you can hear it tell you it has had enough.
  6. Consistency is key – Stay as close to your routine as possible. You might not be able to swim laps at Aunt Myrtle’s house, but try to get in an exercise session of some sort at your regular workout time.