Lilacs are Edibles – And Thirst Quenchers

Here in New England, we cherish Lilacs as exquisitely scented harbingers of warm weather and sunshine. Lilac festivals pack the calendar from the opening of baseball season to Mother’s Day. Lilacs are everywhere: We adore their subtle colors, dance under their petals, and bathe in their perfume…But when it comes to this lovely flowering shrub many of us neglect our taste buds. Lilacs are edible!

While we have certainly added Lilac to our Grapefruit Lilac Blossom Water for its incredible aroma (the smell alone is a near perfect Proustian experience of springtime), lilac has flavor, too! Who knew?!

Its floral flavor has a slightly sweet, lemony character with essence-of-spring overtones. Combined with grapefruit, lilac adds a smoothness that compliments rather than covers the citrus zing. If any beverage were to capture spring in a bottle, this is the one.

When we think of edible flowers, we usually jump to the Nasturtium. Evey upscale salad worth its arugula has a Nasturtium chaser. The lilac on the other hand is more exotic and more subtle. Despite its ubiquity in the lawn, the lilac is relatively rare on the plate – or in the bottle. We’re on a mission to change that.

Stay tuned for picnics and food pairings. Cheers!