Scientifically proven to reinforce a healthy immune system!
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Immunity Boosting Properties

Each bottle is fortified with 50mg of Staimune®, an inactivated form of the probiotic GanedenBC30 that is scientifically proven to reinforce healthy immune function. The immune system is your body’s best defense for maintaining wellness and vitality.


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How drinking Blossom Water supports your immune health

A well-balanced diet supports immune health by providing all of the system’s necessary building blocks.  Regularly consuming a probiotic, including probiotic-derived Staimune® in Blossom Water, takes this support a significant step further by doing what even the best diet alone normally cannot, namely, keeping a harmless foreign presence in front of your immune system. This activates and also helps to mature certain immune cells which, together, bring your immune system to a higher state of readiness, effectively priming it to “fire quickly and on all cylinders” when faced with a real outside threat.


Developed by Ganeden (now part of Kerry Group), Staimune is made with the inactivated cells of Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 (GanedenBC30), a patented strain of probiotic that has earned unmatched supplier and consumer trust throughout the food and beverage space; to date, nearly 7 billion servings have been consumed globally. GanedenBC30 has undergone extensive published safety testing and been proven safe for all populations ─ healthy and immune-compromised, infant and senior ─ even when consumed in a quantity (FDA GRAS at 93.6 billion CFUs per day) far exceeding that of food product inclusion.


Gut-Immune Relation

Having to cope with pathogens in all you ingest, the gastrointestinal tract is constituted so as to form a protective barrier between the bloodstream and external environment. So what’s inside your gut is “effectively outside” your body, explaining why over 70% of your immune system cells are located within the intestinal wall, like soldiers guarding a defensive perimeter from enemy incursion. Staimune interacts with these immune cells lining the digestive tract.


Scientific Backing

Several peer-reviewed, published studies demonstrate how regularly consuming 1 billion CFUs of GanedenBC30 both enhances and beneficially modulates immune response to bacterial and viral challenges; each bottle of Blossom Water contains the Staimune dose equivalent.  Additional studies evaluated if the GanedenBC30 bacteria needed to be metabolically active in order to provide this functional gain.  These show that when the bacteria are inactivated, as in Staimune, the immune support benefit is preserved (by virtue of bacterial cell wall presentation to the body’s immune system).